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Hiring Austin Fence Companies is a Wise Idea

Installing a fence is a huge task, and that size and expense can often make it tempting to make it a weekend DIY project instead. If you’re dealing with a very small area, like a garden area or a simple, small picket fence in front of a flower bed, that might work out pretty well. […]

Apple Fence Company - Austin, TX - Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fence Companies in Austin Provide Quality, Affordable Options

When you think of fences, more than likely your first thought is about a chain link fence. Though many other types of fences exist, and fence companies in Austin may often try to lead you toward those options over the standard chain link fence slats, Apple Fence believes that there’s a need for every type […]

Apple Fence Company - Austin, TX - Wrought Iron Fences

Why Choose a Wrought Iron Fence?

Iron fencing is probably what you think of when you think of expensive homes and sophisticated commercial properties. Sometimes called a wrought iron fence or a cast iron fence, these durable and attractive fences offer a number of benefits to property owners. Apple Fence, as one of the local fence companies in Austin with years […]

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Make Your Fence Extraordinary With Our Fence Décor Ideas

When you decide on a fence, you think in the long term—what will be best and most durable for years of use and weather exposure, as well as what will best suit your home and neighborhood. That’s exactly the right attitude, but it doesn’t mean you are limited to keeping your fence the way it […]