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Make Your Fence Extraordinary With Our Fence Décor Ideas

When you decide on a fence, you think in the long term—what will be best and most durable for years of use and weather exposure, as well as what will best suit your home and neighborhood. That’s exactly the right attitude, but it doesn’t mean you are limited to keeping your fence the way it was on the day that it was installed. With a little bit of creativity, and some of our fence décor inspiration, you may find fun and festive ways to create fence decorations that will express your creativity.

Fence Decorations For Gardening

Did you know that your gardening touches can double as exciting fence decorations? Most of the time, you probably think of a garden as something that goes IN the ground, but you can also expand those plants to help you create some creative fence solutions. Have you ever considered using rain boots or colorful pots as planters—and then attaching them to your fence? You’ll have a fun visual change using the colors, and as the flowers or herbs grow so will your renewed love for your fence—and your fence decorations!

You can also use wooden crates, ladder planter boxes (which you can create from reclaimed pallets!), and even traditional trellis to move the green from the ground to the fence. Let nature help you with your fence decorations!

Fence Décor as Mood Lighting

Your fence ornaments can also be entirely practical. Need some extra lighting for your backyard entertaining? Think about using your fence as a backdrop for lighting, using candles or electric rope lighting. Candles can be easily hung on a fence when they are placed in jars, and with a little creativity you can even use mirrors to reflect that light as well. Think about how your challenge can become your next fence solution!

We’re happy to help you find the perfect fence at Apple Fence Company—let us match you with the right fence and then you can let your imagination run wild! Give us a call to schedule your free consultation.