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Cedar Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence Installation

Western Red Cedar wood has a distinct color which if left without a protective coating will weather to a gray color. A Cedar Split Rail Fence is very rustic in appearance and common on large properties or ranches were privacy isn’t a concern. Red Cedar rails are available in a two rail (approx. 36″ high) and a three rail (approx. 48″ high) style. The jumbo and standard rails are 10′ long and butt inside the fence posts to create 10′ post centers. Pony rails are available in 8′ lengths when a shorter span is desired or required.

Low Cost Fencing

A Cedar Split Rail fence is one of the most cost-effective fence styles that define property boundaries, and is effective fencing for livestock and horses. Split Rail Fencing is also one of the easiest type of fences to install. The fence posts are normally set directly into the ground at approximately 30″ deep without concrete. A tamping bar compacts the dirt around the post while back filling.

Like all wooden fences, a split rail fence should be preserved with a quality stain to guard against wear and slow aging. If you’re ready to install a split rail fence on your property, contact Apple Fence Company for a free estimate.

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