Residential Chain Link Fence Installation

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Affordable Chain Link Fences for Your Home

Not every house needs a white picket fence—sometimes your budget or your circumstances make a quality chain link fence a better option for your home. If that’s the case, Apple Fence Austin has several options for you to consider.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Galvanized chain link fences look just like you’d imagine—silver, made of iron, solid and sturdy. These are the largest, but the longest lasting, investment and it’s hard to beat the solid investment that these materials give you. However, if you’re looking for a different appearance than the traditional silver model, we also offer other options. You can choose a powder or PVC coating on rails and posts, which allows you to choose a black, dark brown, or dark green finish. Fence hardware, fittings, rails, posts, and gates can all be customized in different colors, to match your home’s existing color scheme or to mix up your chain link fence’s appearance.

Vinyl Chain Link Fences

If you don’t need the stability of iron and metal, but like the look of the traditional chain link fence, vinyl chain link fence options may be right for you and your home. With vinyl coated chain link, you have additional customizable color options (green and black standard with upgrades available to other colors) and a way of saving additional money on one of the largest outdoor investments you can make for your home. You can still choose gate options, like slide or swing, as well as mix and match color options from the hardware to the posts to the rails and everything in-between. Think about how beautiful a vinyl fence would look, perfectly matched to the color of your shutters or siding. The flexibility of vinyl may make it an easier fence for pets and kid, and the durability of our materials matches the industry standard. Those customizable residential chain link options will help integrate your new fence into your neighborhood seamlessly.

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