Apple Fence Company - Austin, TX - Wrought Iron Fences

Why Choose a Wrought Iron Fence?

Iron fencing is probably what you think of when you think of expensive homes and sophisticated commercial properties. Sometimes called a wrought iron fence or a cast iron fence, these durable and attractive fences offer a number of benefits to property owners. Apple Fence, as one of the local fence companies in Austin with years of experience, can offer you the best guidance about how to customize your fence to your budget and property.

Iron Fencing Provides Durability and Adaptability

Of course, an iron fence will be more durable than a wooden one, simply because of the type of material used. But wrought iron fencing uses iron with a powder coated finish, which offers even more durability than a standard iron fence might. Because of the strength of the iron, they are also more durable against wind and potentially severe weather. Anchored in concrete, the iron fence panels do not move with the wind. They are not indestructible, but if you are concerned about installing a long lasting fence, iron fencing may be the option you need.

Customize Your Iron Fence Panels

When you employ the services of one of the best fence companies in Austin, especially one that is local and experienced like Apple Fence, you can also create a customized iron fence. Iron fencing can be customized in several ways—the height of the fence, the type of finials, the design of the gate—and at Apple Fence, we fabricate all of those custom pieces in our own workshop. We take you from design to installation without shipping your fence out to anyone else. We keep our hands on the product from start to finish to ensure that the fence you want is the fence you receive.

Give Apple Fence a call. We will schedule a free consultation to assess your fence needs and to help you decide the option that best suits your property and your budget. Having served customers as one of the local fence companies in Austin for many years, with quality and customer service that we are proud of, Apple Fence is the best choice for your fence project.