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Shadow Box Fence

When you opt for the shadow box fence, you’re not just choosing a plain wooden fence. You’re creating a fence that can not only help you achieve the privacy you’re craving but can also help to build a bridge between you and your neighbors.  Rather than just simply thinking about your own yard, the fence provides a good option for everyone involved.

Shadow Box Fence Panels Offer Privacy with Style

The reason why neighbors like this type of fence above more traditional privacy fences is because they are more attractive—that’s the bottom line.  The reason that both sets of neighbors, on either side of the board on board fence, love this option is because it looks the same on both sides. Rather than having one side of the fence that contains all of the structural components (or, in other words, the ugly side of the fence) and one side that has the beautiful panels, our fence panels offer staggered fence panels that allow air to pass through but which retain privacy because of the staggered design.  The spaces hide the structural components while maintaining the clean, finished look.

Durable Shadow Box Fence Panels

The other benefit of this type of fence is its strength.  Because of the staggered nature of this type of fence, it is able to handle high winds that come either as a result of a regularly windy climate or severe weather events.  Either way, the same staggered design that creates the symmetrical appearance that neighbors love allows these fences to withstand the elements more effectively.  This same air flow can also help gardeners with their crop production.

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