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Maybe horizontal fence design is not on your radar, but if you’re a property owner, it should be. Choosing a fence for your property can be a challenging task, balancing budget and style with practicality and durability. Here in Austin, horizontal fence design has become increasingly popular because it offers the best of all possible worlds.

Finding Your Fence Style

Our fencing options are always customized to your property, allowing you to get the best possible look and options for your unique situation. Because of these differences in design, your neighbor’s fence, even if it is similar, will look completely different from yours—a plus if you’re hoping to eliminate the cookie-cutter feel of your neighborhood. You can choose the option that works best for you, creating your own design as you do. For example, you might choose the modern cedar horizontal fence, opting for a slotted design (or spacing the cedar pickets apart). Another option might be to choose the same material but create a different design with the pickets. In this scenario, the design and final product is really up to you.

Horizontal Fence Finishing

Once you have opted for the fence that best suits your style and property, you’ll need to decide how you’d like to finish it. When you choose a quality material like cedar, paint should never even enter your mind as a finish. You can allow the natural wood beauty to shine through, but also ensure the durability of your fence, with a clear sealant. If you’d like to preserve the natural cedar finish, you can leave your fence entirely untreated. If you want to change the look, or perhaps set your horizontal fence apart, you can also stain the fence using one of several options we offer. Check out our fence design gallery for more inspiration.

If you have any questions about our horizontal fences, please be sure to contact us and we’ll answer your questions!

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