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Good Neighbor Fence

If you’re looking for a beautiful wood fence but aren’t sure how you can put up a fence that makes everyone happy, you definitely need to look at the shadow box fence. A fence that offers an attractive, unique view can not only make your property look better but can also improve your relationship with your neighbors.

Shadow Box Fence Offers A Different Design Option

Rather than the standard wooden privacy fence, which has an attractive flat side and a less attractive side that contains all of the bracing and inner support for the fence.  Whoever faces the bracing side of the fence is certainly less excited about the view than the person looking at the pickets and may feel pressured to put up a fence of his or her own to block that view.  What if the shadow box fence could offer an attractive view from both sides? Shadow box fencing offers a unique design that helps to prevent the pitfalls of a normal wooden privacy fence.  The pickets in the fence are staggered, which allows air and conversation to pass through easily but ensures privacy because the gaps are covered by the alternating picket. All of the structural elements are hidden between the alternating pickets, which means the view is equally beautiful and helps neighbors to both benefit from the fence.

Shadow Boxes Offers Customized Design

When you think about how to build a fence that best suits your neighborhood and home design, you want to consider both the standard shadow box fencing options as well as the customizable options.  You may want to opt for the lattice top, which offers a smooth, straight line over a woven pattern, with varying section heights.  You might instead find that the convex design, which trades the smooth, straight line for curves along the top of the fence’s edge that creates the illusion of waves—this might be great if you live in a hilly terrain.  If you’re looking for an especially striking look for your fence, opting for gothic posts might be a good option for you, which offers an elegant pointed arch on your fence and can be further customized to your needs.

Call Apple Fence for Your Shadow Box Fence Needs

If you’re interested in investing in your home by building a privacy fence, consider the benefits of shadow box fencing.  Give Apple Fence a call and we will chat about your options, provide you with a free estimate, and show you how our experience and local connections can be the game changer for your fencing needs.

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