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Ornamental Iron Fence

What is an Ornamental Custom Picket?

We know—when you hear picket fence, you think long white fence that Tom Sawyer had to paint for ages and ages. Or maybe you think of rather dangerous looking iron picket fences that seem more like an impaling risk than a family-friendly fence option. That’s just not true anymore! You can change the look based on your needs—and who doesn’t love that? You can opt for decorative finials or simply change the look based on your home and style. The options are endless.

Custom Pickets Made In House at Apple Fence

Apple Fence is committed to quality craftsmanship—so much so that your custom picket order is constructed in house. You won’t have to worry about waiting for us to order from an outside manufacturer, receive the product, and then install it. No, we are not only interested in ensuring that the end result looks good—we are committed to ensuring that each step in the process is customized to your needs.

Let Apple Fence Be Your Source for Your Picket Fence Needs

Whether you are looking for ornamental iron fencing or chain link or anything in-between, let Apple Fence be your source for your fencing needs. Our years of experience combined with our commitment to quality craftsmanship give you the best fence for the money.

Fencing Austin With Pride

If you are located in the Austin, Leander, Round Rock, Sun City, and Georgetown areas please consider a Free Quote from Apple Fence Company.

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